Digital writings

Julien Bidoret, Jean-Paul Labro, Vincent Meyer

Méthodologie, techniques et mise en œuvre

Périodicité : Quinzaine

Nombre d’heures : 30


The goals of this course are to explore, discover and practice new media writings in the context of the digitization of the world, of exchanges and knowledge.


The notion of writing is to be considered in its most global sense, as a way of producing a meaning by drawing its shapes through a gesture. Beyond a technical system of representation, the notion of writing as an action thus takes its meaning in the choreographic or cinematographic fields. The approach is to apply this notion to the specific context of design and creation in the field of digital media.


The teaching will alternate times of cultural transmission based on case studies coming from the field of art or design, with times of individual follow-up based on a proposal for practical implementation formulated at the beginning of the year by the teachers. An initial wokrshop will be proposed to launch the practical project.